"More noise, please!"

(Steven "Jesse" Bernstein)

I live on a street
where there are many
many cars
and trucks
and factories
that pump
and bang and
grind all night
and day.
It is a miracle
that I can write poetry
or sleep or
talk on the telephone
or that
my lover will
visit me here.
There is
so much noise.
Every few minutes
a jet comes in low
or a prop job
swings down like
a kamikaze.
There is an airport
at the end
of my street.
The new age people say
that you choose
all these things --
choose the cars
and trucks and
airplanes -- me and
all of my neighbors.
Maybe this is true;
maybe we can't live
all this goddamn noise.
Maybe I need the noise
to write poems
make love and eat.
I'm going to hang a sign
out my window
that says:
More Noise Please!
Thank You for Making Noise!

Maybe we are the kind of people
who need to have
what we don't want
just to get along,
to do the basic things.
I could not sleep
last night,
and I could not
close the window,
either. I tried
to tear the window
out of its frame
and put it
in a closed position,
banging and ripping
with the hammer
and a screw driver,
standing on the window ledge
in my socks
three stories up.
But, the window
wouldn't come out
and the factory was screaming
and the trucks were rumbling
and the whole world
was praying for silence
and it was up to me
to shut the window
and I couldn't
get it down.
I was just making
more noise.
A jet went by
and all the people waved.
Thanks, I yelled
as the shifts changed
without a lull in production
at the big plant
across the street.
The workers lined up
at the bus stop
watching me with my hammer
in the window.
I put sponge stoppers
in my ears,
but I can't stand those things
for more than a few minutes.
I put my head
between two pillows.
It is the same
every night.
I love it
I need it.
Without you I could not live,
I would not have written
this poem,
I yell,
the window dangling
half on half off.

Me impressionou muitíssimo o documentário "I am secretly an important man", longa-metragem a respeito da vida, obra e morte do poeta norte-americano Steven "Jesse" Bernstein (1950 - 1991), que teve exibição nesta sexta-feira, 23, dentro do festival Indie 2011 - Mostra de cinema mundial. Tenho acompanhado intensamente a programação e gostaria aqui de saudar a curadoria pelos acertos na escolha dos filmes.

O escrito acima, "More noise, please!", é do disco de spoken word Prison (1992) e uma compilação dos livros de poemas do autor foi editada em 1996 com o mesmo nome da faixa.

O poema "The man upstairs", presente no álbum, está também no vídeo que ilustra - ilustra é legal - o post.


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